Easter Egg Sparkle

This egg was soaked in red food dye overnight


When my eight year old daughter decided last weekend that she wanted to enter her schools decorated Easter Egg competition alarm bells were ringing in my head. Not only was she pushed for time as the entries had to be in before the morning of Thursday 5th April, there was the fact my daughter doesn’t take losing very well and also has a habit of starting things that never get finished. Anyway, being the supportive mother that I try to be I agreed she could enter and we spent the weekend going over ideas and themes she could do. Then came the shopping list… Half a dozen eggs, four bottles of food colouring at almost two pounds per bottle, tissue paper and some paint brushes. As Janelle (my daughter) had half attempted to complete an ‘Easter Egg Garden’ a few years back we had some little chicks and coloured feathers as well as some other bits in the craft box.

The finished result

To cut a long story short, dyeing the eggs was a total waste of money and effort. I bought blue, yellow, red and green food colouring, diluted more than the suggested amount with white vinegar, as suggested on a couple of web sites and the only colour that had any effect was the blue, which looked green. We left one egg in the red solution overnight only to be rewarded with a weak pink shade and let me tell you, the state of my kitchen work surface was not a pretty sight.

Determined not to give up I decided nail varnish would give a more effective and lasting impression so in the cupboard until well past their use by datethe food colouring will remain. Janelle worked hard to make her eggs sparkle and we displayed them in a basket decorated with tissue paper, chicks and coloured feathers.

This egg has the more desired 'blue' colour on screen than the green it looks to the naked eye

When Janelle took her eggs to school Wednesday morning I again explained the importance of taking part in the event was more than winning. A lot of children had taken part and I didn’t want to get her hopes up although I was really proud of her effort. Thursday morning I went along to the schools Easter assembly and kept my fingers crossed that even if she didn’t win she’d be rewarded for her hard effort and me for my investment. Being hearing impaired and sat at the back of the hall meant I had no idea to 70% of the assembly but my heart sank when the winners were called up to collect their prizes of a chocolate egg and Janelle wasn’t one of them. To add insult to injury the children that didn’t win were given one mini Cadbury’s creme egg that comes out of a packet of about two dozen and should have been given to each child in the school, never mind the ones who’d busted a gut to take part. I was deeply offended and let off steam when I picked Janelle up from school that afternoon for her Easter holiday break.  “One measly egg! What a $%~?ing waste…” I ranted.

This mini creme egg was my daughter's reward and looks larger in the picture.

“Ssh mum. Its only a silly egg competition and I did get a chocolate”.  She’s a better loser than I thought and a much better one than me. Also, as she knows I write a blog she’s always wanted to be a part of it.  I promised her that I would show her eggs if she committed to seeing this task through. So, much more than a rotten mini egg,  my daughter is happy with her prize from me.


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