The Prince In My Life

Prince first visit to ireland

I’ve noticed that I haven’t hardly mentioned Prince within this blog and he so just happens to be my favourite artist.  I became a fan in the late 80’s when I was a teenager.  His music lifts me, broadens my mind and he’s just so damned fine too.  I can always find a Prince song to match whatever mood I’m feeling.

Today I just want to rock away my blues with some heavy guitar and ‘Bambi’ from Prince’s 1979 album Prince is my choice for the day. I can’t hear it as good as I used too and its kind of weird digging a song about a lesbian when I’m hetrosexual, but hey.  That’s what Prince’s music does to you.  Check out this You Tube video of Prince performing ‘Bambi’ live as well as Colonized Mind.  Electrifying!



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