Council Threaten Dog Owners With £1000 Fine For ‘Foul Play’!

Coventry City Council and Environmental Services have stepped up action in warning dog owners that fail to clean their pets mess in public places in the Radford area.

Copyright Donna Woolcock 2012


On my way I home yesterday afternoon I was vividly shocked to see numerous signs, like the one above, sprayed on the pavements and in the local park in my area. This picture is taken from the one directly outside my front gate, which is ironic as earlier this month I published an article about the dog fouling in my area (read A Life Full Of Crap) and I also wrote a letter to my local newspaper highlighting the issue.

It’s good to see Coventry City Council taking note of the problem and the hefty maximum £1000 fine is a good threat. However, I have huge doubts that the small-minded, lazy dog owners that continually fail to scoop the poop will take much, if any notice. The threats are empty without evidence which would mean people would most likely have to take photos of the offenders to provide sufficient evidence. I’m sorry, I don’t fancy being set upon by some mad vicious dog whilst I pull my phone out of my pocket. The dogs dinner I most certainly am not.




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