Review – Vileda’s Power Washing Up Sponge

vileda (Photo credit: SimonQ錫濛譙)

Every decent housewife needs the perfect tools to carry out their domestic chores ( Jeez! That sentence sounds so dated and sexist – ed). When it comes to washing up, those of us that do not have the luxury of a dish washer need a tough, power-punching, yet flexible sponge to fight off the dried food on plates and the crustiness on the cutlery.


Vileda Non-Scratch Power sponges

Always a sucker for a new product, I bought the new Vileda Power sponges to help my nimble hands tackle the washing up duties. With faith in previous Vileda products I was more than happy to pay the 59p trial price (normal price is around £1.50 for two sponges). However, I have to say Vileda failed to impress me with this product.

Vileda Non-Scratch Power has 3D Structure but little flexibility and a scourer that don't pack the punch for dirty dishes

Firstly, the 3D nodule scourer is very delicate compared to the firm sponge. After washing a couple of cups it started lifting away from the sponge. Also because of its nodule texture rather than the rough, scouring texture in normal sponges, it doesn’t scrub well and because the sponge is so tightly thick, getting to the bottom of cups and glasses is tricky. Washing cutlery is even more of an effort. I abandoned use within a week and the edges of the scourer were completely lifted.

The more traditional sponges are more flexible and ideal for washing cups and cutlery

I have found a use for the other 3 that were left over (I bought two packs as I believed I was onto a grand bargain). They are great for cleaning surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, getting mucky finger prints of doors, giving PVC window frames a refresh and would probably be a dab hand for washing the car. I’ll stick to the more traditional sponges for washing the dishes.

Donnatella’s Rating:  2.5 out of 5


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