A Life Full Of Crap

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If you were to ever visit the part of Coventry of which I live you might note the multi-cultural community, a good number of local schools, friendly faces, miserable faces and streets lined with dog faeces. Now don’t get me wrong dog lovers! I have nothing against dogs – so long as I cannot see their teeth – its the owners I’m mad with. On my street alone you can’t take ten steps without being offended by unsightly poop littered on the pavement. That’s if you’re bothered by it. The community in my neighbourhood just seem to accept it, walk through it and live with it. In fact you’re more likely to be scolded for dropping an empty wrapper on the floor rather than if you let your dog poop outside someone’s gateway.

I totally despise it. So much that I prefer to walk in the road after daylight and face oncoming traffic than step in faeces and carry it into my home. Close to my house is a park that people could let their young freely roam under a watchful eye whilst they had a picnic on the grass just under a decade ago. Not now (although some still do as they don’t give a shit) as this park is used as a dogs public toilet for dog owners that can’t be arsed to scoop the poop. If the dog can’t make it there on time then any old spot will do.

Do these people have no morals or is it the norm thing to do? The same park has at least 2 bins for dog mess yet I can guarantee those bins are as empty as my purse. A couple of years ago we had Community Wardens patrolling the area whom I assumed would police the problem. Fat chance! They were more concerned about overgrown gardens and fly tipping. Signs warning that fines will be issued for fouling are just there for decoration as far as I’m concerned because nobody complains and just accept dog fouling as part of their every day lives. Many of my neighbours say I’m obsessed or over reacting when I make complaints but I want to live in an area where I can walk with my head up, not down. I want to be able to take my daughter to our local park with her friends without constantly reminding them to look where they are going. Is that too much to ask? When the tsunami hit Japan last year a friend asked me what my fear would be should one hit Coventry. My answer? Drowning in dog shit


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