Easy washing up liquid – Review

Crappest Washing Up Liquid Ever

PRODUCT EASY washing up liquid. Variety of fragrances, aloe vera sampled.

PRICE Around 50p per 500ml. Multi-packs of three £1 in various pound stores.

WHAT’S THE DEAL? I bought this product for the purpose of cleaning (washing the car/ wiping messy spills, cleaning the bathroom) rather than its intended use of washing up dishes. The fragrance is notable but not strong and the claim that it is “pure and gentle” is questionable as it was quite harsh, leaving my hands dry and cracked after use. The bubble effect lasts for a couple of minutes and lather is minimal so you’d have to squirt your washing up sponge at least after every 3 cups to get through the dishes. If you’re looking for cheap liquid you’d be better of buying a store brand value liquid which would probably work out more cheaper and would definitely give you more suds to work with.

DONNATELLA’S STAR RATING A Big Fat ZERO out of five. Waste of money, crap product and possibly the worst washing up liquid in the world.

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