Cillit Bang – Is It As Good As They Make Out!

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Image via WikipediaCillit Bang Power Cleaner


PRODUCT CILLIT BANG Power Cleaner Lime and Grime

 PRICE Around £2.80 – £3.00+ for 750ml

 WHAT’S THE DEAL? Although this ‘wonder’ cleaning product has been round for a number of years, I bought it on special offer at my local supermarket to see if there was an improvement on my last experience with it around 5 years ago. When I first bought this cleaner, ideally used in bathrooms and kitchens, I thought it was a bit over rated and swore it was responsible for yellow streaking on my fridge and washing machine. This time round, even with its new formula, I was extra cautious and stuck to cleaning the bath, taps and sinks. The first thing that hits you with Cillit Bang, is the smell. A heavy, chemical stench that will burn your nose and have you coughing if you are too near. The fragrance is too industrial like for home cleaning, especially when there are so many other more pleasant household cleaners available. For quick cleaning i.e., washing down surfaces, tiles, cooker tops, it works on average. Not so fantastic with grease but, if sprayed on and left for 5+ minutes on taps, it does effectively remove limescale. If heavy cleaning is required, gloves are a must, else you’ll have dry cracked hands.

 DONNATELLA’S STAR RATING** ½ out of five. Good on limescale but the smell is off putting. Still over rated and not worth the retail price.