Five Questions??? (UK media related)

Cole before the match against Aston Villa.
Image via Wikipedia


  1. Why are people praising Beyonce for representing “curvy women” when it’s obvious that she has gone through great lengths to slim down (as noticed during her recent visit to the UK)?
  2. What is the UK media‘s big deal with Cheryl and Ashley Cole allegedly rekindling their relationship? They claim “…he’s scum that will break her heart again” and going back to him will “threaten” her career. However, many other wronged footballers wives and girlfriends (Coleen Rooney (Wayne Rooney), Abi Clancy (Peter Crouch), Stacey Giggs (Ryan Giggs) ) have forgiven their partners with no harm to their careers or celebrity status. Cheryl is no better and Ashley no worse than their counterparts mentioned above. Is the BIG deal because Ashley is of colour? He was never good enough for Cheryl in the media eyes, way before the cheating started.
  3. Has movie star Cameron Diaz had a slight surgical ‘adjustment’ to her nose?
  4. We’ve got The Only Way Is Essex, Geordie Shore and Made In Chelsea… isn’t it now time for “The Brummies” to show how things go down in the Midlands?
  5. Can someone please take “golf hero of the moment”, Rory McIlroy to the barbers?

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